An Entertainers Dream

Terry loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen but her kitchen was small, confined, dim and closed off from the rest of the home which made it very hard for her to pursue her number one passion of entertaining her friends and family. But At every party or family gathering,  Instead of feeling happy doing the thing she loved most to do, she felt isolated because she would be in the kitchen preparing the food while her guests were enjoying themselves in the living room and dining room.

She wanted so badly to be able to be with them but couldn’t because the kitchen was walled off from the living room and dining room.  This made her feel like she was never part of the party.

She began working with Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling’s owner Casey Reynolds to create a kitchen that would function for their family and feel more connected to the rest of her home .

After considering the various options, it was decided that the best solution would be to take down a wall and open up the kitchen, install white cabinets with shaker style doors, add a small island with seating and more counter space. The counter top was a sparkly quartz counter top with a modern white frosted glass backsplash. The entire first floor walls were painted including an accent wall to tie the colors altogether .

Terry is so happy with her new kitchen. With the removal of the walls ,all of her guests feely mingle through the open kitchen, dining room and living room.  Her new island makes a wonderful buffet area which everyone loves to gather around.   The flow of the kitchen was well designed which makes cooking and clean up much easier. She can now also watch TV in her living room from her kitchen which before her kitchen was so small a tv couldn’t even fit.



I researched contractors for over a year, and it almost came to a point where I was going to live with the kitchen I had for over 30 years. Contractors showed up at my home to give me estimates on my kitchen and either I would never hear back from them, or they would give me an estimate which was so overpriced I would have to save for another 30 years just to pay for it. Until… Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling came to my home to give me an estimate on my kitchen. At first, when I met the owner Casey, I was hesitant because of the past experiences I had with the other contractors; But Casey was very persistent and was so proud of the Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling Five-Star Ratings. I knew then if anyone was going to make my dream kitchen a reality, it would be Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling. My experience with Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling has been amazing; their expertise, professional attitude, and skilled workers truly are a few of the many attributes supporting their Five-Star Rating. I visited their showroom which beautifully displayed layouts of kitchens, bathrooms or anything you may need in home remodeling. Sample selections are readily available to begin creating your project. Sitting down at their showroom with Jim, a Project Manager who has a wealth of knowledge, helped me create my dream kitchen and had all the patience in the world, especially because I can be a very difficult person to please. Their office staff, especially Sue, was very thorough in making sure any instructions or concerns I had were addressed immediately – which made the project run very smoothly. When it came down to the execution of the project, I realized the true magnitude of their Five-Star Rating. Troy, the Carpenter, is the backbone of the company. His pride behind his work is that of an expert! He would arrive daily at my home and work a solid 8 to 10 hours, often without taking a break. The assurance and pride behind what he does and the precision behind his work is truly of a professional. What I also found amazing – which you don’t hear often – is how much he loves his job, the owner, his boss, and the company he works for. When it comes to carpenter he is at the top of the Totem Pole, and was a true pleasure to work with. My hat also goes off to Jeff, the Painter; I never knew my walls could look so flawless. Before he started painting, he went over every square inch of my walls to make sure every divot, and imperfection was smooth. I smiled a lot throughout this project. One time, I found Jeff at the height of my cathedral ceiling on a ladder, with a mining light on his head, making sure not an inch was overlooked. He worked on my home as if it were his own, and made sure every wall looked just perfect. You may think this review is embellished or exaggerated, but you are mistaken. You can jump in and start interviewing contractors and experience my headache, or you can trust that I did all the homework and I found the best contractors in the city of Pittsburgh. All in all, their company’s name speaks for itself, Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling. Happy Remodeling!

– Terry Minutello
Kitchen Remodel, North Hills