5 Year Warranty

Contractor warrants that all materials furnished and installed as well as all work performed will be done in a reasonable workmanlike manner. All materials furnished are under manufacturer’s guarantees and liabilities only. Any special orders purchased by Owner are not included in Contractors limited warranty.

Any fading due to UV rays, sunlight or oxidation, grout cracking due to normal wear and tear, any damage caused by the Owner modifying, attempting to fix or work on, or otherwise altering the product in any way or any damage caused by another contractor or someone that Owner hires that modifies or attempts to fix or work on, or otherwise alter the product in any way or not performing proper maintenance. Any cracks due to house shifting, settling or acts of God. Extreme conditions or heat loss in winter. All warranties will be void if materials were damaged by abuse, misuse, acts of God, exposure to moisture, water, extreme temperature, the effects of normal wear and tear or installed or utilized in other than normal residential application.

This warranty is a 5 Year Limited Warranty

This 5 Year Limited Warranty only covers the original purchaser of the product.

This 5 Year Limited Warranty is not transferrable to subsequent owners or purchasers of this product.

To obtain the benefit of this warranty, call Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling Customer Service Department at 724-935-6000.

Contractor will either repair, replace or reinstall conditioned upon receiving reasonable notice from Owner and having been paid the total sales price including all authorized change orders. Contractor and Owner may mutually agree to the fulfillment of Contractor’s obligations under the limited warranty by some other type of adjustment.